Breakfeast at 5,000 m in southern Peru

Breakfeast at 5,000 m in southern Peru


My / our transport and accommodation is a Toyota Landcruiser which has been converted by a specialized company ( into a mobile home.

The car is a newly built Landcruiser based on the 1978 HZJ model and therefore has no electronics. Thus, an average mechanic in any country should be able to repair it if needed.

The chassis, the suspension and the bottom of the car are reinforced in order to make it more durable to withstand difficult road conditions. The car can host two people and is equipped with a roof which can be lifted for sleeping, cooking facilities, a fridge, solar panels, a water tank and an outdoor shower. 

So far I did not experience any technical problems. The only parts which needed replacement were the grommets (Gummimuffen) at the rear shock absorbers and at the end of the leaf springs. 






The interior is not particular luxurious with a fridge, a sink and cooking facilities (gas bottle). Basically, it means life on four square meters, which is sufficient for one person but gets tight once a second persons joins.

Cooking is possible inside and outside the car. Electricity is provided by a second battery and the solar panels. The car is equipped with 100 l of water and has two fuel tanks (180 liters of diesel).

For sleeping I have to lift the roof and one can enter the “sleeping room” from inside the car.





























Key issue for a successful travel are strong and durable tires. In order to save space I am carrying only one spare tire. Experts advised me to use BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A tires which are considered particularly strong due to a tougher sidewall rubber compound. And in fact: having driven 45,000 km I did not experience any flat tire so far.

However, after 45,000 km with many sections of gravel and sharp stones the tires were more or less done and I had to replace them in Bogota / Colombia. Particularly the back wheels suffered from the off-road wash board (ripio) structure of the gravel roads.