Southern Somalia Summer 2015

Let me share with you a few pictures of Mogadishu and Kismayo. In order to access the photo series click the following link  or scroll over the below pictures.

A short explanation regarding the photos:

  1. Street views of Mogadishu. While reconstruction of the city is going on many buildings still bear the scars of 20 years of war. As a result of the continued fighting in Southern Somalia there is still a sizeable number of Internal Displaced Persons (IDP) living in the capital. For security reasons all photos where taken out of the car.

  2. In Somalia shop owners apply colorful paintings on the façade of their shops indicating the kind of service they offer.

  3. On 25 July 2015 a suicide attack partly destroyed the Jazeera Hotel (the best hotel in town) killing more than 20 people (pictures taken by colleagues of mine).

  4. Due to the prevailing security situation UN staff is only allowed to travel in armored vehicles and with armed escort. During the movement it is mandatory that everybody wears a body armor.

  5. Kismayo, the most important harbor south of Mogadishu, has been liberated from Al Shabab in October 2012. Shortly after a state formation process started which led to the elaboration of the Jubaland State of Somalia Constitution adopted on 1 August 2015 by unanimous vote. The Kismayo airport is some 12 km outside town and movement between the two locations requires military protection.

  6. On 12 September 2015 Mr. Sheikh Ahmed “Madobe” in the presence of Somali and foreign dignities was inaugurated as the new president of Jubaland after having been elected by the newly formed Jubaland assembly.

  7. Airports and planes are always great places in Somalia to take scenic pictures. Pilots need specific skills to fly the airplanes in strong thermals and in the absence of modern airport technology. The seasoned Antonov AN 30 in Garowe is used for aerial photography to support geological surveys.

  8. One might believe that being on mission in Somalia is a constant adventure. However, the truth is most of the time we spend either in front of our computers or in meetings. Some pictures showing a typical Peace and State Building Goal 1 (PSG 1) meeting in Mogadishu and a meeting with a parliamentary committee. In order to reduce travel meetings are often conducted as teleconferences via VTC.

  9. One of the activities of the UNDP Parliamentary Support Project is to build a security parameter around the national parliament in Mogadishu which has been attacked twice since its formation in 2012.

  10. Europe Day at our camp site the secured Mogadishu International Airport (MIA) zone with Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud as the guest of honor.

  11. Car cemetery. The salty sea breeze makes hard ware get rusty in no time.

  12. Mogadishu enjoys quite a savage cost line, several kilometers lay within the secured MIA zone. However, there are some valid reasons not to go for a swim.

  13. Yes, there is (some) “life after work” and there are a few places that serve good coffee