Somalia and Somaliland October 2014

Let me share with you some photo impressions from Mogadishu and a field mission to the north (Puntland and Somaliland). You can access the pictures through the following link

or scroll through the below Pictures.

Allow me a few words of explanation re the pictures:

Mogadishu (Capital of Somalia)

Due to the poor security situation UN staff have to live in fortified camps. I am accommodated in the Mogadishu International Airport camp near the seafront which is considered a safe place. Outside the camp we are only allowed to move in armored vehicles, accompanied by armed escorts and wearing a body armor. Part of the pictures were taken from within the car through tainted windows which causes funny photographic effects.

  • UN convoy moving through Mogadishu

  • Meeting with government counterparts (incl. the Speaker of the parliament)

  • Street views showing the center of Mogadishu; still visible the marks of 20 years of war.

  • Water front. Swimming is not recommended as shark attacks recently happened just a few meters away from the beach.

  • Visit of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to Mogadishu (29 October)

Field mission to Puntland (North-East):

  • Flight from Mogadishu to Garowe (capital of Puntland)

  • Garowe street views

  • Garowe airport

Field mission to Somaliland /North-West (security situation there is better than in Mogadishu)

  • Flight from Garowe via Bosasso to Hargeisa (capital of Somaliland)

  • Hargeisa street views and meetings with Somaliland authorities

  • Camel market in Hargeisa (camels hold a central position in traditional Somali pastoralists’  life)

  • Road mission to neighboring districts in order to meet village elders