Powder Skiing / Kyrgyzstan Feb 2014

As winter is approaching in the northern hemisphere I would like to share with you a photo series of back country skiing in Suusamyr / Kyrgyzstan (2014) – the pictures were taken by the group members. To access the photos use this link: https://picasaweb.google.com/103945442053805877863/PowderSkiingKyrgyzstan2014  or scroll the pictures below.

Suusamyr is a 100 km long valley some 130 km west of Kyrgyzstan’s capital Bishkek. The valley is located at an altitude of approx. 2,200 m and is surrounded by mountains with up to 4,000m. Suusamyr, inhabited by only a few hundred people, is a great location for outdoor sports: in winter free riding and back country skiing; in summer paragliding, hiking, kayaking and horseback riding.

There is one hotel in the valley which provides accommodation and full board http://www.suusamyr.kg/index.php/en/ . It has two snow cats which transport you up to an altitude of some 2,700 m from where you can start your tour. 

While you have the guarantee that you will find many untouched slopes with wonderful powder snow it – on the other hand - is necessary that your group has experience with regard to assessing the avalanche situation and that you carry the necessary rescue equipment with you. In addition be prepared that temperatures may be below minus 25 degrees Celsius.