Paragliding Himachal Pradesh / Northern India

Let me share with you some pictures taken during a two-week vacation in Himachal Pradesh / Northern India.

  • The first pictures show paragliding in Bir/Billing a place famous for its many eagles. One of them accidently was suddenly laying on top of my wing when circling behind me in the thermos. The highlight of the vacation was a 90 km flight Bir to Dharamshala and back again.

  • The following pictures show a three-day hike towards the Thamsar-pass 4,700 m (did not quite reach it L). Only afterwards I learnt that that the valley is the home to a number of black bears (had a light sleep inmy tent anyway J).

  • Some more pictures show my time staying with a very hospitable Indian family in a remote mountain village. The rings in the nostril indicate that a women is married. One picture is showing voters of this village studying the voter list (seems election is sticking on me).

  • In Dharamshala I had the pleasure to visit the District Attorney’s office and the Fast Track Court;

  • and finally some pictures showing the famous Golden Temple in Amritsar (Sikh).


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