Montevideo, Buenos Aires and Iguazu (DezEMBER 2016)

Montevideo (1.3 million inhabitants), the capital of Uruguay, and Buenos Aires (2.9 million), the capital of Argentina, are situated on opposite sides of the estuary of the Rio La Plata (Silver River), one of the biggest water ways in the world.

Montevideo, where one third of the 3.4 mill. Uruguayans are living, is quite a laid-back city. Uruguay - who’s founding period was influenced by the ideas of the free mansions - implements a liberal policy with regard to gay marriage, immigration and the consumption of marihuana. Cattle farming is the main contributor to the GDP. The ratio is 3.6 pieces of cattle per person, the highest ratio in the world.  As a result, restaurants try to put as much meat on your plate as possible.

Life in Buenos Aires (2.9 million) is more hectic and with its chess-board like street-layout the city resembles New York. It has been a melting pot for several waves of immigrants from Spain, Italy, France, Poland, Russia, Germany and Austria. Argentina (41.5 million inhabitants) is the country with the second-largest number of immigrants (after the USA). East of Buenos Aires there is the town El Tigre the entry point to the Parana Delta, with hundreds of canals forming the Rio La Plata estuary.

The Iguazu waterfalls - divided between Argentina (80 %) and Brazil (20 %) - are the biggest waterfalls in the world. Over a distance of 2.7 km the Iguazu river (split into some 200 waterfalls) thunders down a 80 m high basalt edge. The biggest waterfall is called La Garganta del Diablo (the devil’s throat).

The pictures show

south-america central.gif
  • Street views of Montevideo (Parliament, Plaza de Independencia, old city)
  • Food comes in big portions of beef prepared on the parrilla
  • Marihuana shops
  • Street views of Buenos Aires (harbour area, Villa Rosada, city centre)
  • Tango, developed in Buenos Aires in the late 19th century, is part of Argentina’s national identity. As you will see in the photos there clearly is a big gap between beginners and professionals.
  • A short trip to the canals of El Tigre and the Parana Delta
  • Iguazu waterfalls / Northern-Argentina / Brazil - pictures taken from the Brazilian side
  • Bird park (Parque das Aves, Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil)

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