Iran September 2013

Culture – Mountaineering - Paragliding

As the Iran has a well-functioning infrastructure one can arrange travel fairly easily either through a local travel agency or in back-packer style, basically using a copy of Lonely Planet and conducting some internet research. Besides culture and 3,000 years of history Iran also offers outdoor sport opportunities in the mountains and deserts.

People I met were extremely friendly and welcoming, eager to make contact and indicating that one should differ between government and people. Travelling is safe, prizes are moderate and what you get is very good value-for-money. Language might be an issue as only few people speak English.


You can access the pictures by clicking the following link or scrolling through thepictures below


  • the city center of Esfahan: Naqsh-e Jahan Imam Square (the second biggest square of the world); Masjed-e Shah and life in the bazar

  • a three-day ascend to Mt.  Damavand (5,671 m), the highest mountain in the middle east; staying overnight in a basic mountain hut

  • the Teheran bazar and carpet shops;

  • many urban women prefer to wear the head scarf as far at the back as possible

  • paragliding at two sites north of Teheran: Emam Zadeh Hashem (Mosha, close to Mt. Damavand) and at Emam Zadeh Hashem.