Bariloche / Argentina Feb 2017

Located where the Pampa meets the Cordillera de Los Andes and embedded in the National Park Nahuel Huapi the town of Barilochi is one of Argentina’s best known summer and winter holiday resort. It carefully nurtures its image as Argentina’s St. Moritz.

The NP Nahuel Huapi (7,500 km2) contains an abundance of lakes which allow travellers (although not cars) to cross the Cordillera de Los Andes by boat (cruce de los Andes en barca). Its highest mountain is the Mt. Tronador (3554 m).

Pictures below show:

  • The centre of Bariloche very much resembles Switzerland.
  • The chairlift to the Cerro Campanario offers a special service: For a fee a guy offers to take a picture of you when arriving at the top.
  • The restaurant at the summit seems to be sick of people asking for a Wifi-connection. In about 20 languages they indicated that people should enjoy the landscape instead.
  • The view over the PN Nahuel Huapi indeed is stunning.
  • The Llao-Llao Hotel is world-famous for its excellent golf course.
  • Rotel ( is a very special way to travel where passengers sleep in some kind of boxes in the trailer of the bus and have to assist setting up the camp.