Bamiyan / Afghanistan, August 2013

Bamiyan, the central highland of Afghanistan, is habitated by the Hazara people who allegedly are of Mongolian descend and moved to Afghanistan around the 15th century. They are Shia and therefor have suffered tremendously under the Taliban and are strongly opposed to their return.  This is the reason why the province, which for security reasons can only be accessed by air,  is considered relatively safe and outdoor sport is possible.

You can access the pictures by clicking on this link or scrolling through below pics.


The pictures show

  1. Life and work in the ailoks, which are areas higher up in the mountains (3,300 m and beyond) where farmers temporarily live over the summer. There they graze their cattle and collect fodder for the winter until they return to their villages in the valleys at 2,700 m by late September.

  2. Pictures of two hikes in the Koh-e Baba Range which brought us to an altitude higher than 4,000 m.

  3. Some images of the famous Band-e Amir lake.

  4. Photos of a paragliding flight into the Band-e Amir canyon.

  5. And finally a picture of the Bamiyan airport which needs bush-pilot´s skill to start and land.


Have fun!