A Short Hike through the Hindukush (Central-Afghanistan)


Although Afghanistan is not a dangerous place there are a few areas where it is secure enough  to hike in the mountains. One of these places is Bamiyan, located in the Central Highlands region in the western part of the Hindu Kush. Bamiyan, an old center of the ancient silk road, is famous for its Buddhist past and stunning nature.

Let me share with you a few pictures from trips to Bamiyan in 2012 and 2013 via the following link

https://photos.google.com/album/AF1QipOnhDDXTq-vjJDhOrIJMdqql0zlFUXkRV75jnPK     or scroll through below pics

  1. The flight from Kabul to Bamiyan (have a look at the scarcity of the landscape where livelihood depends from access to water and irrigation)

  2. Bamiyan’s cultural heritage going back several thousand years

  3. A one-day hike to three lakes at 4,200m of altitude close to the Koh-e-Raber peak (Foladi Valley)

  4. A trip to Banda-e-Amir, a natural world heritage consisting of a chain of lakes in a deep canyon in the middle of a semi-desert landscape

  5. Paragliding over the Band-e-Amir lakes

  6. Back-country skiing in the Dukani Valley and the Foladi Valley.