Travelling around the Globe ...

Travelling was always one of my main hobbies: Curiosity drives me to explore new countries, experience foreign cultures, enjoy viewing new landscapes, meet new People, absorbe new impressions, learn new languages - and encounter adventures. When travelling I intend - as far as feasible - to avoid the main paths of modern tourism industry. Instead, I try to capture authentic life beyond what is staged for tourists. The backyards often tell better and more authentic stories than the front sides.

As taking pictures is another hobby of mine and in order to share my experiences with others I have created this website which contains blogs of related to my work and previous travels and where I will periodically upload blogs of my new journey around the world. By sharing these pictures I want to not only encourage others to travel to these countries (as far as security permits) but also to raise an understanding and empathy concerning how people in other countries struggle to make ends meet. Each picture (or a series of pictures) shall tell a story and pay tribute to those who allowed me to portray them.

I started my travel around the globe in mid-December 2016 in Montevideo / Uruguay. The first major stop were Patagonia and Terra del Fuego, which are shared between Argentina and Chile, and the Atlantic coast. From there I travelled north through Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and  reached Colombia in early 2018. Feb 2018 I spent in the Caribbean (Grenada, Triinidad & Tobago).

Red lines: route travelled so far; blue lines: planned route.


While I intend to keep the travel route flexible a rough plan for my journey looks as follows:

2017 South America

2018 Central America and Mexico

2019 North America

 2020-2021 Asia

 2022 Africa

 Not yet clear where and how I will squeeze-in Australia and New Zealand